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Little Marik

Just some pictures and stuff...

Okay... so it has nothing to do with Ren... but I found some cute pics from my old Ishtar webring that were ABSOLOUTLY adorable! I HAD to post them so... I did. But before we start... I should tell you that Marik is a Yu-Gi-Oh charcter and I don't want hatemail saying, "Ugh! Why you are such a $#@%^&*&in' loser!" Thank you...
Just so you know... the pics are linkies... so jus' CLICK AWAY and get your [BACK] Button ready!! I've organized in "Little Marik", "Marik", and "Yami Marik". Enjoy!!
Now... on with the pictures!!

Little Marik:
Marik givin' flowers to his siter Isis (who'snot in the pic)