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Shaman Application

Are you a shaman?

This is a little thing I found in Shonen Jump Issue #7. I thought it was cool, so I put it on my site. Please keep in mind, this application belongs to Shonen Jump (Viz)! Please don't sell it or anything. Thanks! For a little extra fun, I Xed what Ren would put on the application (it's in italics). Also, keep in mind... THIS IS A FAKE APPLICATION! I don't want any e-mails saying what you put in for your answers, it's just for fun! Now, on with the application!
I learned about Shamanism from: (Check one)
_Newspaper Ad
_Spiritual Apparition
_Near-Death Experience
XOther: My family

I like to use my Shaman powers to: (Check all that apply)
_Ace Tests at School
_Get a Drivers' Liscence
_Make Friends
_Rectify Historical Injustices
_Perform Odd Jobs
XOther: Kill Yoh and become the shaman king!

Do you have a sidekick? (Check one)
_Yes, I Have a Sidekick!
XNo, I'm a Loner!

If you do have a sidekick, who is it? (Check one)
_Nerdy Classmate
_Sexy Classmate
_Furry Animal
_Furry Alien
_Nerdy Alien
_Sexy Alien

My favorite spirit is a: (Check one)
_Chinese General
_Pastry Chef
_Dog Walker
_Tax Attorney
_Secret Agent
_Marine Biologist
XOther: Chinese Warlord (Bason)

I use my shaman powers: (Check one)
_Every Haloween
_Less than once a week
_Once a week
XSlightly more than once a week
_At least once a day or so

To tune out spirits, I often: (Check all that apply)
_Listen to Music
_Pinch Myself in the Leg
_Recite Lines from "Dude Where's My Car"
_Make Chainsaw Ice Sculptures
_Honk My Car Horn in the Garage
_Practice Yoga Moves
XOther: Leave home for a little while and leave Bason to guard the place...

The spirits I channel were alive during the: (Check all that apply)
_Meiji Restoration
_Dark Ages
_Bauhaus Movement
_Summer of Love
_"Me" Decade
_Dot-Com Boom
_Ming Dynasty
XOther: Dunno, like I care...

I employ my shaman powers as a: (Check one)
_Sideshow Performer
_Construction Worker
_Orthopedic Surgeon
_Parking Lot Attendant
_Dog Walker
XShaman King